Temptation Review

Curious what it’s like to attend Temptation?

Temptation Resort Cancun stands out as an exceptional adults-only getaway, celebrated for its lively essence and forward-thinking design, aiming to deliver an experience that’s both entertaining and refined. Located on the breathtaking Cancun shoreline, this resort is the go-to for those who yearn for an engaging and spirited vacation setting. It welcomes individuals and couples ready to immerse themselves in a setting where topless-optional zones promote an atmosphere of emancipation and self-expression, all while maintaining utmost respect for privacy. Temptation Resort is adorned with a variety of facilities, including theme-based swimming pools, evening performances, and exquisite culinary venues, each element thoughtfully integrated to encourage social interactions and forge lasting connections. The resort’s architectural beauty and event lineup celebrate the hedonic and joyous facets of adult leisure, offering an ideal mix of serene relaxation and lively social scenes for anyone eager to merge leisure with energetic nightlife and community interaction.

Don’t just take our word for it, though. Here’s a review from a couple who’s stayed many times.


We are an adventurous couple from the heart of the Midwest (he’s 37, she’s 35), weaving through diverse lifestyle experiences for nearly a decade. Our explorations have taken us to Temptation Resorts multiple times, evolving from curious novices to seasoned participants over five memorable trips spanning six years. Our voyage has also led us to the doors of renowned lifestyle havens like Desire, Temptation, and Hedonism, in addition to various adults-only all-inclusive resorts scattered across Cancun and Riviera Maya. As avid travelers with a penchant for the culinary arts, we’ve savored the flavors of unique eateries throughout the major cities of the Midwest, offering us a comprehensive lens through which we review our experiences.

Resort Experience:

Temptation Resort greets you with an aura that feels like a warm embrace, quickly establishing itself as a cherished sanctuary. Following its renovation in 2017, the resort shines with cleanliness, meticulous maintenance, and an allure that is unmistakably seductive. The pulsating music and the professionalism of the staff instantly immerse you in a captivatingly sensual environment. While the fitness center might be cozy and bustling, the atmosphere is cordial, inviting everyone to join in. The spa, often overlooked, becomes a haven of serenity on the occasional rainy day.

The heart of Temptation, the Sexy Pool, pulses with life, facilitated by the enthusiastic staff’s activities, creating the perfect backdrop for new connections and playful banter. Poolside fashion is daring, with women donning minimalist swimwear and men opting for stylish, form-fitting options, setting a distinctively bold tone compared to other resorts. Navigating the pool area for a spot becomes an opportunity to engage with the friendly community, a testament to the inclusive spirit of Temptation. A tip for newcomers: don’t forget your sun protection, or you can easily acquire any essentials from shops just a stone’s throw away.

The resort’s culinary scene is a standout, with dining experiences that rise above the rest. Clear and upfront communication with the team about any dietary restrictions—aided by the simple yet effective use of bilingual business cards—ensures every meal is enjoyed without compromise. Special dining privileges await Tower guests or those visiting through member referrals, with reservations at exclusive spots like She and Sutra being a must for the full gourmet experience. The option for breakfast by the beach is a luxury not to be missed, offering breathtaking views coupled with exquisite meals.

Though the beach may not be the primary allure due to its petite and rugged nature, it is impeccably maintained. Adjacent to the marina, an informal cruise sets sail, promising an adventure that’s highly endorsed for first-timers, cementing bonds swiftly and providing an extraordinary experience. This seamlessly integrates with the ethos of Temptation, serving as a dynamic means to foster camaraderie.

As the evening unfolds, the resort transitions into a nocturnal playground, where themed nights encourage creative self-expression. The energy escalates well into the night on the dance floor, supported by the late-night grill—your go-to for sustenance to fuel the party into the early hours.

Hottest Experience:

Each visit has etched indelible memories, especially our interactions with Temptation’s charismatic single male guests. A highlight was our female partner captivating a particularly handsome man with her dance, sparking an irresistible chemistry. This led to a seamless transition back to our room, where the night evolved into an intensely passionate encounter that lingered until sunrise, encapsulating the essence of Temptation’s promise for profound and unforgettable sensual adventures.