Desire Review

Curious what it’s like to attend Desire?

Nestled in the stunning Riviera Maya, Desire Resort offers an adults-only oasis exclusively for couples desiring an immersive and sensuous holiday experience. This all-encompassing haven is celebrated for its liberating clothing-optional policy, inviting guests to revel in a lifestyle that’s both natural and free, all within a backdrop of safety and privacy. Every aspect of the resort, from its architecture to its array of activities, is meticulously crafted to foster deeper connections and enhance the romantic spark between partners. Guests can indulge in an array of experiences designed to tantalize and intrigue, including seductive theme nights and engaging workshops focused on couples. With its opulent accommodations, exquisite culinary offerings, and stunning vistas of the ocean, Desire Resort stands as a picturesque stage for love stories to unfold. Here, couples are invited to explore their desires and live out their fantasies, making it the ultimate retreat for those looking to celebrate their affection in an extraordinarily bold way.

Don’t just take our word for it, though. Here’s a review from a couple who’s stayed many times.


We’re an enthusiastic couple from the Midwest (he’s 37, she’s 35) with a rich tapestry of lifestyle explorations over the last eight years. Our adventures have been beautified by our commitment to staying fit and attractive. We’ve ventured through the lifestyle’s most celebrated sanctuaries, including Desire, Temptation, and Hedonism, alongside visits to other exclusive adults-only and all-inclusive resorts in the Cancun and Riviera Maya regions. As avid explorers and connoisseurs of fine dining, our journey to Desire Resorts is illuminated by a wealth of experiences and a profound appreciation for gourmet escapades in major Midwest metropolises.

Resort Experience:

The moment you step into Desire, you’re wrapped in a cocoon of exquisite luxury and a profound sense of community, marking it as an elite lifestyle destination. The resort radiates excellence, poised for upcoming renovations to enhance its splendor further. The dedication and friendliness of the staff lay the groundwork for an exceptional stay, ensuring the immaculate condition of the accommodations and the enthralling nature of both daytime and nocturnal activities. The spa, often overlooked, emerges as a haven for relaxation, particularly on days when the sun retreats, courtesy of the attentive staff.

The social heart of Desire beats around the pool area, animated by the staff’s effervescent entertainment. This vibrant atmosphere seamlessly transitions into the evening, with the hot tub serving as a crucible for deep conversations and blossoming friendships, in a setting where personal choice in attire is celebrated. The resort’s unique stance on swimwear promotes a liberating sense of boldness, although finding a spot by the pool may necessitate a bit of effort and perhaps a discreet tip, with the welcoming community spirit making space sharing a common practice.

The gastronomic journey at Desire transforms dining into an adventure, with evening wear often reflecting a commitment to impress, fostering a dining ambiance that transcends ordinary resort experiences. Our strategy for addressing dietary preferences—through the use of bilingual business cards for effective communication with the staff—has reliably secured delightful dining experiences. Securing early reservations is crucial for indulging in the diverse and palatable offerings of the sit-down restaurants.

While the beach may not be the central attraction, it offers a serene hideaway for couples to unwind or engage quietly with newfound friends, underscored by attentive service that ensures a day of relaxation by the sea.

The nighttime at Desire sparkles with premium entertainment and theme nights that encourage imaginative self-expression, with the dance floor alive until the wee hours. The themed evenings prompt guests to showcase their creativity, while the late-night grill provides the perfect sustenance for extending the festivities.

Hottest Experience:

A spur-of-the-moment decision to visit the rooftop hot tub after some late-night indulgence led to an extraordinarily intimate encounter with a couple we had been casually interacting with. This shared experience, filled with discovery and intimacy, stretched into the early morning, crafting memories that we hold dear and often reminisce about. It perfectly captures the quintessence of Desire: the creation of unforgettable bonds and the liberty to explore the depths of your desires.