Las Vegas Swinger Club Guide

The DEFINITIVE guide on the best Vegas clubs

Las Vegas is full of swinger clubs, but which one is right for you?

We list the best swinger clubs in Las Vegas and details of each club. An experienced swinger couple who lives in Vegas wrote this information, so this is THE resource that you can trust.

The reviews are below, but before we get to the list of clubs, let’s address some concerns most people have about swinger clubs.

Is it safe?

Swinger clubs are probably the safest nightclub-type atmosphere in Las Vegas. Do you know “that guy” at the club who acts tough because he’s so painfully insecure—the one who snarls, “Don’t you look at my girlfriend!” The one who is blackout-drunk and violent?

Bad news: those guys are all over Las Vegas. 

Good news: those guys don’t go to Las Vegas swinger clubs.

In fact, we’ve never seen a physical altercation in all our years of hosting and attending swinger lifestyle clubs, hotel takeovers, and other swinger trips across the United States.

So yes, very safe.

Do we have to “participate?”

Swinger clubs in Vegas are not orgies. No one has to do anything sexual or remove clothing. They are places where like-minded people can meet, and they do offer spaces where people can have sex if they choose to.

Is everyone hot?

Swinger clubs are full of people ranging from their 20s to their 60s in all body shapes and sizes. You’ll see people you think are beautiful and some you aren’t attracted to. At the end of the day, the people at Las Vegas swinger clubs are people, just like you.

Check out our FAQ here.


Is it expensive?

Las Vegas Swinger clubs are usually BYOB, and are therefore the cheapest fun you can have in Vegas. Once you pay a nominal entry fee, you have hours of conversation, dancing, people-watching, and possibly more.

If you’ve never been to a swinger lifestyle club, Vegas is the perfect city to give it a try. It will almost certainly be the highlight of your trip to Sin City.

Is everyone drunk?

Not likely. While alcohol is certainly going to be a factor at these types of events, we think you’ll find that most people limit their intake. Plus, any of the fine clubs we’ll list below will have strict protocols to handle anyone being irresponsible.

What should newbies know ?

Sex in the swinger lifestyle is different than “normal” sex. Even young and healthy men will almost certainly have erection issues in the lifestyle. 

Don’t ignore this and end up embarrassed. 

You’re in a strange environment with someone you just met, using condoms and possibly watching your partner have sex with someone else. Let’s face it, guys, that’s a lot of stimuli that can make it difficult to obtain and maintain an erection.

That’s why virtually everyone in the swinger lifestyle uses ED (erectile dysfunction) medication. In our experience, Shameless Care is the best provider. It’s entirely online, and it has swinger-friendly providers in all 50 states. When you seek medication for help, Shameless Care should be your provider. You’ll want to do that before you hit the clubs in Vegas.

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What else should you bring to a club? Read that here.

The Best Swinger Clubs in Las Vegas

Now, without further ado, here are what we believe to be the best four clubs in Vegas!

Ah, Sin City, the land of debaucherous fun. People from all over the world come here to explore their naughtier sides, which should include a visit to a lifestyle (swingers) club. The good news is that there are many lifestyle clubs in the Vegas area. The less great news is that some are much better than others. As Las Vegas locals who host events across the country, we have visited them all to help you decide which makes the best sense for you.

Here are our current Top Four Lifestyle Clubs in Las Vegas. We hope this will help you design your perfect evening of swinging fun.


Whispers is a swinger club in a private residence, only a 10-minute drive from the Las Vegas Strip. The neighborhood is safe and quiet, and although there are neighbors nearby, it feels quite private thanks to the landscaping and the parking at the back of the building. It opened in 1977, and the club owners do a fabulous job of continuously renovating it and adding new amenities. They recently enlarged their pool (where they host clothing-optional pool parties on the weekends) to allow for larger crowds. Most importantly to us, the place is clean. It is clear that the owners take pride in their club, which is greatly appreciated.


This place is lifestyle-club-meets-neighborhood-bar. It is a local’s hangout with lots of long-term attendees who clearly know each other. It is a friendly and welcoming crowd of every age range and body type. The vibe can best be described as lively, with activities like clothing-optional karaoke on Fridays and an ever-crowded dance floor featuring an awesome variety of music. There is also a bar where many attendees congregate at the beginning of the night. Friendly bartenders will happily take your BYOB libations and pour your drinks throughout the evening with complimentary mixers and ice. Make sure to bring cash to tip them.
There is also food provided throughout the evening, the cost of which is included in your ticket. They have a small kitchen area with a few tables, allowing attendees to fill their plates with snacks and hot appetizers and sit to chat with friends old and new.

Upon arrival, you’ll be greeted graciously by volunteer staff for a tour of the facilities, covering all the club do’s and don’ts. There is a great degree of focus on consent and safety, and they make it clear that you will be asked to leave if you break any of the rules. They also explain each of the rooms, where to find sheets and towels, how to change the lighting, and how to let staff know that the room has been used. We’ve taken the tour twice and were so impressed by their level of detail and professionalism. (Be sure to check out our favorite room, the Rabbit Hole, which is Alice-in-Wonderland-themed).

In addition to the club itself, Whispers offers Saturday and Sunday daytime pool parties during pool season (which is long in Las Vegas). We had the chance to attend our first one recently and had a blast! They have tons of seating, some of which is shaded, and a nice-sized pool. They play dance hits, provide hamburgers and hot dogs, and once again will mix your BYOB liquor with complimentary mixers during your visit. They even offer vegan burger options, something we have never seen at a club before.

It is important to note that this facility is for couples and single ladies only. If you are a single man or a hot-wife couple (those interested in the company of single men), you will be better served at a different club.

Our Experience:

We absolutely love the staff at Whispers. Everyone is so nice and willing to answer any and all questions. It’s interesting for us to attend a couples-centric club because we do not engage in the lifestyle as a couple—and we still had a wonderful time and felt incredibly included by those in attendance. Another upside for us is that unlike a lot of lifestyle clubs, the action gets going early at Whispers. We showed up about 45 minutes after opening, expecting to be the only people there, and were pleasantly surprised to see easily 50 people had beat us there. So if you’re not night owls, Whispers is a fabulous option.

We can’t recommend the pool parties highly enough. If you have a couple of hours to burn during a Saturday or Sunday in Vegas, your time will be well spent at the Whispers pool. We had a fabulous time talking to both locals and visitors, soaking up the sun, and enjoying their fabulous playlist.


PlayhouseLV can best be described as a swinger speakeasy. It resides in a completely nondescript commercial building only a few blocks from the Las Vegas Strip. Much like the coolest things in Las Vegas, it feels a bit off the beaten path, and when you pull up to the entrance, you might be confused. Don’t be! Once you walk in the doors, you’re transported to a retro-style lounge with chic lighting, comfy black sofas, a vibrant dance area, and more. It’s also spotless and smells amazing.


This club is over 6,000 square feet of sexy. Everything about it generates a seductive feeling, from the low lights to the glowing LED cubes to the sheer curtains. The chic and vibrant décor and fun music via their live DJ definitely draw a younger crowd; most attendees are in their 30s and 40s. Each night at PlayhouseLV begins with two hours of social time, during which the play spaces stay closed. This allows attendees to mingle, dance, and connect. While some may not be fans of this protocol, we personally love it, as it encourages people to step out of their comfort zones and talk to other attendees.

The play spaces (or indulgence spaces, as they’re called) are incredibly well-done and varied. They have everything from sheer-curtained open spaces to completely private rooms with locks. Each space has a unique feel and décor, and all are lovely and tasteful. They also have a nice patio area with outdoor seating for quieter spaces to chat and connect.

PlayhouseLV does allow single men on all Friday evenings and on the third Thursday of each month during the Real Hot Wives of Las Vegas events. Saturday evenings are only open to couples and single ladies. It has been our experience that they do a solid job of vetting single men in advance and ensuring they have quality men in the building. They also provide wristbands to couples who are open to single men, alleviating some of the concern about being approached by single men should that not be of interest to you or knowing who to approach if you’re a single guy.

It is very important to note that this is a members-only club. You must apply for membership in advance, and not all applicants are accepted (we are unaware of their criteria). If you plan to visit PlayhouseLV during your Vegas trip, you should apply at least a week in advance to ensure time to process your application. You also must pay in advance via their website, as they do not offer the option to pay at the door. Another important piece of information is that this is an alcohol-free establishment, meaning they do not allow you to bring your own alcohol. They do provide complimentary non-alcoholic beverages, including sodas, juices, Red Bull, water, and more.

Our Experience:

This place is all about the details, and we appreciate that so much. It is clear that the owners think about the little things and understand how much that can impact a person’s visit to their club. Our favorite touch is the conversation areas created throughout the more public spaces of the club. Often clubs just have big, empty rooms with some seating around the edges. At PlayhouseLV, it almost feels like you’re being pulled into conversations simply because of the layout. As a result, we found it easy to meet a lot of new people during our visits. We also sincerely appreciate all the amenities, such as rolled wash cloths in the restrooms and a convenient locker area with complimentary locks. We also love that there is a dress code in place for their events, as it makes the entire environment feel sexier.


Much like Whispers, Flirts resides in a residential area in a home that has been converted into a club. This doesn’t mean it’s not nice; quite the contrary, this place is stunning! It’s chic, modern, and impeccably clean. It’s in a safe neighborhood a short 10 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip. When you walk in the entrance (which is on the side of the building), you’ll be greeted by a host who will check you in and offer you a tour of the facilities. The location is large and has many areas for congregating, including a stunning bar, dance floor, outdoor conversation area, and several indulgent spaces. There is an awesome combination of semi-private play spaces and more open spaces for those who appreciate a little exhibitionism.


The owners have created something special with this club. It feels like you’re stepping into a secret, upscale Las Vegas nightclub. Music is pumping, people are dancing, and drinks are flowing. This is a BYOB club, and the stunning bartenders will pour you drinks with complimentary mixers. To us, this club feels like a true party! Their DJ does an awesome job of getting people up, dancing, and interacting with each other. Like PlayhouseLV, play spaces stay closed for the first two hours the club is open, encouraging people to really create connections before things get naughtier later in the evening.

The crowd is incredibly varied, although it skews slightly younger than some of the other Las Vegas options. It appears to be a fabulous mix of locals and visitors, all of whom are happy to connect with each other. No matter your age or body type, you will feel comfortable in this environment.

FlirtsLV is only open on Saturday evenings at the time of this writing. We believe that this is part of what makes this club special. It feels as though they are packing an entire week of sexy energy into a single evening. It is a couples-and-single-ladies-only club, so once again, there are better options out there if you are single man or appreciate the company of single men.
This is not a members-only club, but you do have to purchase tickets in advance. Please note that parties can sell out hours or even days before the party, so don’t wait too long to make your purchase. This is especially true on nights when they have theme parties, like their ridiculously fun glow parties.

Our Experience:

Because this club feels like this awesome combination between a swingers club and a more traditional nightclub, it’s a place we often recommend to newer folks in the swinger space. We don’t always go to lifestyle clubs with the intention of playing, so this is a great option for us as well. If you’re looking for a low-pressure environment to have a couple of drinks, dance, and maybe flirt, this is the place to be. As mentioned earlier, we are also sticklers for cleanliness, and this is easily one of the cleanest clubs we have ever visited. The staff takes pride in their work, and it shows in many ways.

Sea Mountain Las Vegas

This is by far the most unique offering in Las Vegas. It is not a traditional swinger club; we would describe it more as a lifestyle resort without hotel rooms. It’s in a convenient location just behind the Las Vegas Strip, with many hotel options nearby. The club orbits around a nude pool and nude spa, with dozens of options for sunbathing, including stunning cabanas. They also have two group-play rooms with plenty of space to indulge, and open play is allowed in the pool and spa areas. This is a sister location to the Sea Mountain resort in Palm Desert, CA.


It’s difficult to put the vibe of Sea Mountain into words. It truly needs to be experienced. When you walk in, friendly and less-than-clad staff will provide you a full tour of the facilities, which are vast. You’ll see the kitchen area (they provide complimentary snacks throughout the day and evening), a large and beautiful changing area with lockers, two distinctive rooms for play, a large spa, and a pool deck for nude sun bathers. One thing that tends to throw off Sea Mountain newbies is that you must be nude to enter the wet spaces. While sunbathing you’re more than welcome to wear a wrap or towel, but street clothes are not allowed. Trust us, you’ll get comfortable very quickly.

The best part of Sea Mountain is the music. The owner creates his own eclectic playlists that resound throughout the property. It is lively and fun, and you’ll hear everything from Madonna to Pink Floyd to Lana del Rey. The staff come around to pour non-alcoholic beverages like lemonade and virgin margaritas. Feel free to bring your own booze, as they provide ice and ice buckets or even allow you to bring in your own cooler.

The crowd skews a bit older at Sea Mountain, but we’ve seen all age groups represented. A major misconception of a nude facility is that all of the attendees will be hard bodies, and while you absolutely see that, it’s not the majority. Every body shape will feel welcomed and represented.

It is important to note that reservations are required for Sea Mountain, and they can only be made over the phone, not online. On select Fridays and most Saturdays spots fill up, so don’t wait until day of your visit to make a reservation. Cabanas are an additional charge, but well worth the money if you want to be guaranteed shade or want a more private area to enjoy your partner or other attendees.

Our Experience:

Both the Las Vegas and Palm Desert Sea Mountain locations are some of our favorite places to visit in the country. They are unique, and others would be hard-pressed to replicate the carefree vibe. Because the pool itself is not gigantic, it’s easy to converse with others if that’s your goal for the day. Even if we’re just in the mood to sit quietly and get some sun, this is a great option for us because it’s so easy to feel comfortable in this environment. We also often recommend Sea Mountain to those who feel comfortable being nude and seeing sexual activity but are not necessarily interested in diving completely into the swinging scene. We also adore the staff here, as they are incredibly friendly, inviting, and helpful.

We Hope This Helped

These reviews were written by Brenna and Brian from Front Porch Swingers. They are a lifestyle couple who lives in Vegas! Oh, and they also have a podcast you should check out!

Have great (and safe) fun. Dare to step out of your comfort zone, and you may find thrilling new experiences and friends. Please check out the other resources on this site for more tips on how to look and what to bring.